Puffins (and a few other birds) from a trip to Machias Seal Island, Maine, June 2008:

puffin with open mouth!puffin closeup

April 2008: Venice, creepy and touristy:

venice galleryvenice masks

October 2007: A gallery of adorable saw-whet owls from a banding session in MA. The cuteness is overload quality, beware!

Flash gallery of baby animals from Spring 07, Massachuesetts and Switzerland:


Gallery from a trip to Morocco in October 2006:

morocco carpets morocco-skyline

Galleries of animals at a Wildlife Park in Nova Scotia, taken in 2006:  birds, bunnies, cats, otters....

bird in novascotia puffins in novascotia

Gallery of French wall art pics, taken in 2005:  graffiti, decorations, wall hangings. From Paris and Normandy:

french wall art

Older photos: Photoblog from 2005. Before my volume and picture size broke the software I was using. The Photoblog from 2004 has some sections you might like, from birds outside my window to travel in Nova Scotia and St Croix:

angel cranes in halifax Titmouse