Monday, January 24, 2005

Dead Microbiologist roll-call

Sarah Weinman posted about this, and it's not a mystery novel. Apparently some folks (Steve Quayle anyway) think that the rate of mortality for microbiologists is a little too high, and it might mean something about future bio warfare.

Steve Quayle's list with pics and method of death: Dead Scientists; and another page of Quayle's with news clippings on the same.

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Blogger Angus McIntyre said...

And then there was the mysterious wave of deaths among scientists working on SDI projects in the UK. Or come to that, the wave of deaths among people associated with Bill Clinton. As we seem to be approaching some kind of conspiracy theory critical mass, it can only be a matter of time before someone documents a mysterious wave of deaths among people documenting mysterious waves of deaths.

I wouldn't dismiss any of this out of hand (with the possible exception of the Clinton list, which appears to have been manufactured more or less out of whole cloth by his enemies), but I just wonder if - given a large enough population - you can't always turn up a 'cluster' of bizarre deaths. Maybe I should start documenting all the people who've died in strange and hideous fashions after reading "The Da Vinci Code" ...

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