Friday, February 25, 2005

My Old Papers

Still sick, and wanting to do some housecleaning or work. Can't, so it's site cleaning. Here's a trip down memory lane for some folks, including me. Here are my old MUD papers and one AT&T paper, finally on a site I actually run: The Ghostweather Papers.

They're not necessarily flattering to me now, but they were important at some point. One of them introduced me to Brenda Laurel; one of them got me a job because it got me to a conference where I met my future boss; and one of them was the result of sitting around talking about stuff like this on the new job. Kind of cool to think back on now. (And since one of the folks who passed on my survey on LiveJournal said "Allegedly she's a published author" (!) I felt spurred to defend my old grad school credentials.)

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