Saturday, June 25, 2005

GotPsi? Try the Boundary Institute

The Boundary Institute has online psi tests, with automatic scoring. You can do various card prediction games, remote viewing, guessing lottery numbers, etc. It's a bit of a time sink, once you start playing. It has "meme" written all over it, too. And the research articles on the results are fascinating, although old now. (Most interesting factoid was that 2 scorers did outrageously well, until they discovered that the trials were not "random" enough; and after making the tests more random, their scores normalized again. The theory is that some individuals are supernaturally good at subconsciously learning patterns in data. Which is a pretty good psi skill if you ask me...)

GotPsi-- The tests.

No, I didn't score that well on anything, although I had better than chance on a few.



Anonymous steve said...

good experimental design is so important.

It turns out I have synesthia, but generally don't mention it for fear of the questions I get. Another person (who happens to share the condition) approached me at a conference last year and said "oh - you have synesthia!"

I was impressed as the condition isn't terribly common until I learned that she watches the way people look at things when they are bored in meetings or in auditoriums.

clever hans indeed

10:57 PM  

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