Thursday, August 25, 2005

Haunted Korean Airplane

This story details a number of weird experiences on an airplane after a woman hanged herself in the bathroom (the mind boggles -- are Korean airplanes outfitted with bigger bathrooms?). Possibly the oddest aspect of this story is that a Buddhist monk travels by first class. Check it out.



Blogger Angus McIntyre said...

In many Asian countries, it's common for men to become monks on a temporary basis. In Thailand, for instance, tradition used to require every man to become a monk at least once in his life, for a period that might range from several months to a year or more. (Modern life being what it is, some modern Thais now fulfil their religious duty by becoming monks for just a few days or a week). So it's not impossible that the monk in first class was a wealthy man who'd paid for his own ticket.

Alternatively, he might have been given a free upgrade to first class. In Thailand again, monks travel free on some public transport (but are often required to stand and/or ride in a specific part of the vehicle). A similar principle might have qualified an especially revered and venerable monk for a seat upgrade, especially on an empty flight - or a haunted aircraft.

So a monk in first class isn't inherently improbable. But it may be that he was just there because every good Asian ghost story requires a monk to reveal the unearthly presences, in the same way that every good Western ghost story requires an exorcist or an archaeologist to bring out the back story and enhance the drama.

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